Enable Your Stores to Connect with Customers through Content

OneShop enables your store teams to engage their customers through localized store content creation in a single centralized system.

Growing Stores Create with OneShop

Are you an independent retailer or boutique? We built a platform just for you.

How it Works:

OneShop follows a very easy 3 step process to enable your best creators (i.e. your frontline experts) to create content that makes shoppers feel like they can get the in store experience anywhere.

Create Your Way

Enable Your Team to Create Shoppable Content

Now your frontline employees can create shoppable video, photo, and style boards around your product as easy as posting to their favorite social media channel or send via email/text to your local lists. 

Approve and Incentivize

Ensure Your Brand Image is Upheld

Once your teams create their shoppable content, you can review, provide feedback, and incentivize more creation with a central content management system.

Distribute Everywhere

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Once approved, you can automatically post to channels like Instagram and your website for customers to engage and shop from.

A Full Local Marketing Suite

Automate Local Store Personalized Engagement

You run email flows at a top level brand and eCommerce level, but sometimes the best way to engage customers after they shop is from the in store teams that helped them. With OneShop you can create email and text automations sent from the store teams to customers shopping.

Seamlessly Connected to Your Tech

What are you waiting for?