The All-in-One Marketing Platform for Retail Stores

OneShop is everything your stores need to connect with your customers across all channels through personalized marketing automation that converts.

Growing Stores Engage their Clients with OneShop

Everything You Need to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Store

Automate Your Email and Text Messages.

Easily create, schedule, and automate personalized email and text messages that not only save you time but significantly boost conversions, driving more repeat visits to your store.

Loyalty That is Built for Your Unique Needs.

Build and manage a loyalty program based on spend, frequency, or tiers that turns first-time shoppers into super fans.

Streamline Your Social Media with Team Scheduling.

Unlock 2X more content creation with smart scheduling to create social variations across all platforms at once. 

Empower Your Sales Staff to Sell Virtually to Customers.

With OneShop your sales staff can always access your online products to recommend their top picks to their customers or create shoppable content published to your community on your website.

Clientele Your VIP Customers.

OneShop makes it easy to identify your trending VIP customers to make sure you can engage them personally and make sure they get the attention they deserve. 

Connected to Your POS and eCommerce System

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