Personalized client communication for retailers made easy

Finally a clienteling and CRM app built for mens and womenswear stores. Reaching your clients has never been easier.

Clientelier is the Clienteling and Customer Communication Solution for Specialty Fashion Retailers



Synced to your POS and E-Commerce

With no work on your part we create a constant link with your POS and E-commerce so all your client data and sales history is at your fingertips on phone, tablet, or desktop.

Personalized communication faster and easier.

Say goodbye to manually pulling reports and printing out call lists with easy to pull lists and put it into overdrive with back-to-back texting and emailing.

Send product photos like never before.

With a completely photo enabled experience at every turn, now you can take photos of new deliveries and send to your clients without them even being in the store.


We are constantly working on new POS integrations, but you can find our current list here. If yours is not on the list, we may very well be working on it now or we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Yes, since we are cloud based our app is available on iOS, Android, tablets, and desktop.

Our default is to assign the client to whatever salesperson sold them the most merchandise over the last 3 years, but we can further customize this for you. All clients can easily be moved around between associates in the system.

If your sales people all sales clients, all associates have access to the app to share clients.

Most our clients are live in 1-5 days.