The Digital 6 Box Loyalty Program has Arrived!

The time tested program brought to you by WhizBang! Training has now never been easier.

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Where it All Started

Before & After

The Old Way

The New Way

The Easiest Way to Track, Reward, and Communicate with Your Loyal Shoppers

Easily Track Visits and Rewards

On your POS, tablet, or computer you can now check in and track your customers’ 6 box cards so they know where they stand and can redeem their rewards.

Redeem In Store and Online

Not only can your customers earn and use their loyalty rewards in store, but they can also use it on your Shopify online store. 

Automatically Send Customers Updates

Whether customers are just earning a reward or have rewards they have had for awhile, you can easily send them text and emails to remind them. 

6 Box Email & Text Marketing

Now you can email and text your customers to update them about happenings in your store as well as to let customers know they are near finishing their loyalty card.

Connected to Your POS and eCommerce System

Starting at only $120 / month

How Does the Migration Work?

We completely understand that you may have thousands or even tens of thousands of existing physical 6 box cards.

We do not want you to have to start over so in order to do a seamless transition so your customers do not even realized it, we are here to help. 

In order to do this your cards need to get logged digitally somehow. We recommend only doing the active cards and then tagging customers who have past completed cards to log the VIPs. This can be done by your team or you can ship them to us for a small fee per card logged. 

Then this file is uploaded into OneShop to kick off your digital program. 

What are the Benefits of the Program Being Digital?

From the early customers who tested the 6 box program, they are saving hours every day not needing to manually pull cards. This amounts to thousands of dollars in payroll each year and not to mention countless headaches with lost cards. 

In addition by being digital you can now easily send email and text updates to customers to let them know when they earned or are close to earning rewards.

Can My Customers Claim Online?

Another huge benefit of moving digital is that now your customers can use their rewards online. 

Currently this is just if you use Shopify for eCommerce, but we will releasing new platforms later this year. 

How Do Customers Check In?

When customers walk into the store,  they can check in on a tablet by typing their phone numbers or email address to see their current card status.

In addition, cashiers can also easily pull up their information to let them know. 

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