Enable Your Mall's Stores to Drive Traffic with Content

Now mall and shopping center stores can create content around whats new in their stores to drive engagement and visits like never before.

How does it work?

OneShop brings you a centralized system to invite your stores to create content for your mall that engages your guests before, during, and after their visit.

Let Visitors Experience the Store Without Even Needing to be There

Even if your stores have hundreds of locations around the world, the location in your mall is unique and now they can create localized content that speaks directly to your guests.

Centralize All Content Created

Instead of sending your team to go store by store to shoot content, now you can get content directly from your store experts in a single place, approve or deny content, distribute where you see fit, and incentivize more content creation.

Let Your Guests Follow the Stores They Love

Staying in touch or discovering stores can be hard/impossible. Well, now guests can follow your stores without ever needing to leave your platform to keep them engaged. 

Get Content in Front of Your Audience on All Channels

You can never have enough content, and now it is easier than ever to share content to your social channels or even build your own social media platform on your website. 

Get Your Stores Creating Content Today!