Enable Your Trade Show Community to Tell Their Stories

Take the experience of visting a trade show booth digital by allowing your vendors to create engaging photo and video content for your audience. 

How does it work?

OneShop brings you a centralized system to invite your vendors to create content for your trade show that engages your attendees before, during, and after the show.

Like Visiting the Booth... Before Visiting the Booth

Before OneShop, vendors had to find their own ways to tell their brand and product story, but now they can easily create videos and photos specifically to engage your trade show audience.

Centralize All Content Created

Instead of following every vendor on social media, now your trade show teams can get content directly from vendors in a single place, approve or deny content, and distribute where you see fit.

Let Your Attendees Follow Brands Ahead of the Show

Doing research on which vendors you want to see can be hard. Well, now attendees can get the feeling of the booths at the show before they even get there.

Get Content in Front of Your Audience on All Channels

You can never have enough content, and now it has never been easier by sharing your vendors’ content to your own social channels you see fit.

Build Your Trade Show Community Today!